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The ability to appreciate your own time is essential for the success of any modern man. The lost hours and minutes turn irrevocably to lost opportunities. To bend time and make it work for yourself, humanity uses the wrist watch is a simple, reliable, indispensable device that will never lose its relevance and will never go out of fashion.

We are pleased to welcome you to the well-known international watch brands of Timebar!

Lithuania, Latvia, Ukraine, Czech Republic have appreciated the impeccable quality of our products and the highest level of service. More than two dozen retail stores on the territory of these countries present products almost all well-known in the world of watch manufacturers. Moreover, the company is the official distributor of many brands on the territory of these countries, so buyers here will not only be able to purchase a wrist watch from the latest collections, but also to become owners of exclusive models and limited versions.

Now Timebar came to Cyprus!

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