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Free fast delivery in Cyprus for all orders

Free fast delivery in EU for prepaid orders over 200 euro!

Delivery terms

  • Order and delivery confirmation

    You will receive an email confirmation with parcel tracking number. That means that shipment was dispatched.

  • Time of Delivery

    Due to current pandemic situation the delivery to-door will be done within 3 working days. For faster collection the package can be picked-up the next day at nearest to you office of Akis Express
    Delivery by ordinary post within EU usually takes 7-14 days or more depending on current flight schedules. Express delivery within EU usually takes 2-5 days or more depending on current flight schedules.
    Please note that Timebar logistic is not operating on bank and public holidays and weekends. The delivery will be made within next 2 working days.
    In the event of delay Timebar will contact you by email or by phone.

  • Postage Method

    All orders will be delivered by AKIS Express within Cyprus and FEDEX out of Cyprus.

  • Delivery to business addresses and multiple occupation buildings

    Timebar allows delivery to alternate delivery addresses including business addresses and places of work. Please ensure that you can provide signature upon receiption.

  • Missed deliveries and denial of receipt

If for any reason the item is returned to us (e.g. incorrect address specified, item not called for), then Timebar will inform you immediately by email as soon as we receive the item. From this point forth, you will be given a choice whether you wish us to re-dispatch the item or to cancel the order. If further dispatch is undelivered again, we reserve the right to charge delivery charges for subsequent deliveries. Please note that for items that were undelivered through fault of the consumer and a refund is requested, Timebar reserve the right to deduct our outwardly shipping fees from the refund total.

In the case of a parcel being signed for and a delivery confirmation being available on the courier's website, if the customer denies receiving the package, this is called a ‘Denial of Receipt’. Under these circumstances, we must contact the Courier to confirm the delivery details, who will in turn contact the customer to ask for written documentation to be completed to confirm that the parcel has not been received. These circumstances must be mediated by the delivery service and we cannot take action until it has been confirmed whether or not the parcel was received by the customer.

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